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October 7th to 12th, 2023

Napo - Ecuador

BILM Climate Story Lab in Action to amplify the problem of extractivism in the region.

BILM Climate Story Lab’s objective is to boost and amplify the voices of our communities affected by extractivism, BILM, Doc Society, and Mullu Tv have taken a powerful initiative to highlight this problem throughout the region.


We are proud to announce the BILM Climate Story Lab, a camp focused on bringing visibility to narratives surrounding extractivism, which will take place in the heart of the Amazon of Ecuador. The vision of the BILM CSL is to serve as a vital nexus, a convergence center, for those community communicators who are on the front lines in the fight against extractivism.


Most inspiring of all: 60 projects from across the region have applied! Projects deeply rooted in indigenous and Afro-descendant perspectives, spanning from Mexico to Uruguay, including Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Haiti, Panama, and Guatemala.


BILM Climate Story Lab Action Areas

1.- Visibility to the issue of extractivism in the region.

Our first action area focuses on bringing visibility to the issue of extractivism in the region, aiming to highlight the negative impacts of natural resource exploitation in our environment.

2.- Amplifying the voices of affected communities through audiovisual narratives.

The Lab focuses on creating impactful audiovisual narratives, including the production of documentaries, journalistic reports, and podcasts that tell the real stories of people fighting against the harmful effects of extractivism.

3.- Supporting the creation of audiovisual projects.

The BILM Climate Story Lab seeks to support narrative processes by providing resources to filmmakers, journalists, and storytellers through masterclasses, in collaboration with experts in the fields of film, audio, and journalism.

Agenda Climate Story Lab
October 7 - 13

Day 1 Welcome to Serena


Morning program

6am - 3pm - Arrival to Serena (Napo, Ecuador)

Afternoon program

3pm - 5pm - Welcome to Serena and Opening of BLIM CSL - Presentation of the facilitators and coordinators.

5pm - 6pm - Discussion of goals and collaborative norms.

6pm - 7pm - Dinner with Serena and surrounding communities.

7pm - 9pm - Group meetings: Review of the camp agenda corresponding to each media group.

Day 2 Building  community.

Morning Program

6am - 9am - Guayusa Upina ancestral ceremony, breakfast.

9am - 12:30 - "Ties - with our territories - Introspection with the purpose of working on the connections between our stories and territories - Group reflections.

12:30 - 1:30 - Rest at the Jatunyacu River.

Afternoon Program

1:30 -2:30 - Lunch with the Serena community.

2:30 - 4:30 - Amplifying voices from the territory- Lessons from the co-development of cinema and journalism of the territory.

4:30-6pm - The Indigenous Guard (Yuturt Warmi) experiences of local anti-mining resistance.

6pm - 7pm - Dinner and discussions BILM congress.

7pm - 9pm - Cinema Forum,  Discussion [The Territory Film].

Day 3 Tools and Knowledge.

Morning Program

6am - 9am - Kichwa songs with [Mama Kuri]; breakfast.

9am- 11am - Impact of mining [ Conservation Strategy Fund, BILM] Discussion of research about the impact of mining on territories.

11am - 1pm - Anti-Mining Narratives [ National Anti-Mining Front, Napo Resiste ] / Discussion about the narratives that fuel anti-mining activism.

Afternoon Program

1pm - 2pm - Lunch with the Serena community.

2pm - 6 pm - Mining tour [Napo kayakers, Napo resists] - Tours along the Napo rivers with kayakers from the area to witness the impact of alluvial mining - Group discussions and reflexions. 

6pm - 7pm - Dinner and reflections on the day.

7pm - 9pm - Cinema Forum and Conversation [Yutzupino Film].

Day 4 Developing our narratives.

Morning Program

6am- 9am - Pottery and crafts from Serena; breakfast.

9am - 1pm - CSL Workshops 

  • Cinema group 1 - Content production at Serena.

  • Cinema - group 2 - Post-production Workshop

  • Journalism and Podcast: Editorial Workshop

  • Social Networks: Workshop of visual tools and techniques


Afternoon Program

1 pm - 2 pm - Lunch with Serena's community.

2pm - 3pm - Break at the Ilukulin River and local cocoa tasting.

3pm - 6pm - Mining tour [Napo Resist] - Visits to surrounding communities to investigate and discuss the human impact of mining activity within the territory.

6pm - 7pm - Dinner and discussion about the BILM congress.

7pm - 9pm - Listening circle with Radio Savia.

Day 5 Building Narratives Together

Morning Program

6am- 9am - Serena Island Tour; breakfast.

9am- 1 pm - CSL Workshops 

  • Cinema - Group 1: Content production at Serena's community.

  • Cinema - Group 2: Post-production workshop. 

  • Journalism and Podcast: Editorial workshop

  • Social networks: Visual tools and techniques workshop.


Afternoon Program

1pm - 2pm - Lunch at Serena's community.

2pm -5:30 pm - Impact Narratives [Samuel Rubin, Radio Savia, Sandía Digital] - Lessons from journalism, film and audio media about how to enhance the impact of our productions.

5:30 - 6:pm - Break.

6pm- 7pm -  Dinner and discussion about the BILM congress.

7pm - 9pm- Cinema Forum and discussion  [The People's Energy Film].

BILM Climate Story Lab day 6 Collective Climate Action.

Morning Program

6am- 9am - Guayusa Upina ancestral ceremony; breakfast.

9am-1pm - Black and Indigenous Liberation Day [BLIM, Napo Resiste and journalists)- Symbolic actions in support of the 12th of October (Important day for Indigenous communities in Ecuador).


Afternoon Schedule

1pm- 2pm - Lunch at the Serena's community.

2pm- 9pm - Departure from Serena (Napo, Ecuador).

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